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"we pay location based salaries, to adjust for cost of living"

so, you pay disabled people more? "no" what about single parents? "also no" what about people who've paid off their mortgage, they get less, right? "as if"

ok, so you adjust the cost of living adjustments, right? "maybe we will. if it goes down"

"we just worked out the lowest we can pay people in any area and remain competitive"

it just feels more like location specific wage theft

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Stoic wisdom:

“Wealth consists not in having many possessions, but in having few wants.”

— Epictetus

“It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves too much, who is poor.”

“Until we have begun to go without them, we fail to realize how unnecessary many things are. We've been using them not because we needed them but because we had them.”

— Seneca

Want to read more?

#quote #quotes #quotetoot #wisdom #philosophy #thought #thoughts #stoic

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Check out the intro to editing video with #Kdenlive talk by @klaatu at @fedora Creative Freedom Summit in case you missed it.

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Unions yes, please! And also, hopefully, alternative approaches? Collectives. Collaboratives. Networks. New business models, built for mutual aid rather than shareholder profit or VC exit strategies. New visions for sustainable jobs, working on sustainable code?

There are many people exploring new path's already, but we need to ensure these are accessible options for more people.

We talk a lot about owning our content on the web, but even better if we can own our livelihoods?

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Ooh — Mastodeck!

If you used to dig Tweetdeck back in the day, this looks like a pretty promising modern-day equivalent for #mastodon.

Really cool to see!

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OK this is actually pretty incredible.

The Smithsonian making 4 million digital items public domain. CC0 means you don't need to give attribution, there's no copyright to worry about, no restrictions on using them in photoshops etc.

It's a huge move for open media for such a big name to be making such a large collection open like this. It's the kind of thing I never really thought we would see start to happen.

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Thinking about all the recent layoffs in tech, media, etc., and how so many of the "Nobody wants to work anymore!"/"Where'd the go-getters go?!"/"The rise of 'quiet quitting'" type articles in the past year or so overlooked the effect that the "hey, maybe we'll just lay a bunch of people off because we want to make a little extra cash" culture the business world has fostered might have on, well, everything involving worker morale/sense of loyalty/etc.

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I'm older so I remember things. Everything you see happening today should be understood this way:

The top tax rate used to be 90% in order to prevent the really rich from destroying democracy.

The corporate tax rate was 50% because corporations exist to serve society.

AND the inheritance tax was really high to keep family dynasties from gaining power over us.

#taxes #democracy

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i was laid-off twice early in my career in very large reorgs / cost-cutting.

the thing that wld have been helpful for me to hear then was 'this is not abt you. you were a number on someone's spreadsheet. they wanted that number to go down by 1000 or 2000 or 10,000'.

so, to anyone who needs to hear that today:

it's not abt you. you did nothing wrong.

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Sometimes on the bird site I would post a thread of photos but that means replying to your own tweets and replies were downgraded by the algorithm and hardly anybody saw them.

Here on Mastodon I can run a thread for two weeks but each post is slotted into the timeline regardless and that's very nice.

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here's a tip for people making new instances and creating bots that automatically follow as many people across the fediverse as possible:


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#GNOME has always had great, distinct wallpapers, and GNOME 44 is no exception! Here are some of my favorites from the upcoming release.

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I am annoyed at how much coverage of these recurring "Big Gorilla lays off around 10.000 people" is basically just a rehash of the company press release, with not a single journalist asking how it's possible that all of these big tech companies made the same exact mistake of hiring too many people, while simultaneously showing record profits.

Like, if a 'rigorous review' finds 12.000 redundancies, why does nobody question leadership about how this was allowed to happen?

Not one critical note.

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Bird site senses tingling. I detect another migration. Time for another round of #introductions.

Hi, I’m Kevin, a professional #puppet builder and #maker of fun media. A small sample of my work, feel free to follow and check the Linktree in my bio. #MastoArt #muppets

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Over the River Wharfe and through Middleton Wood. A cold, bright winter day but not very photogenic - these are from a morning that was.

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