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Hey friends! People have sent me links to local tech worker protests that are asking for your name and an RSVP. PSA:


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🔴 #Question #Mastodon #PeerTube

Est-ce que quelqu'un utilise le #Plugin :peertube: PeerTube "auth-oauth2-mastodon" pour se connecter avec :mastodon: Mastodon et saurait me dire comment se configure le bouzin ?

Merci !

:retoot: #RT #ReToot :retoot:

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Are you a teacher?

Please share what #FreeSoftware do you use at #school so we can exchange solutions.

For example, at my online course I use for myself and students:

- GNU/Linux
- LibreOffice Writer
- LibreOffice Calc
- LibreOffice Impress
(Open Document Format is mandatory for all)
- Firefox browser
- Jitsi Meet
- Geany
- WordPress
- CryptPad
- F-Droid

If you love #education, please boost.

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Do you run a Fediverse instance?

Do you block other instances?

Do you breakdown your Fediverse blocks by category?

Do you want the Fediverse to be a safer place and are willing to put time/effort into making that happen?

I'd like to talk to you for an upcoming project.

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This month's 'quick draw' rewards for my sweet Glazed Donut supporters on Patreon! 🍩

I use these to try new things and practice drawing faster ✨

made in #krita

#MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource

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Haid al-Jazil is a 500-year-old mud-brick village on top of a massive boulder. Wadi Dawan, Yemen.

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Surveillance capitalism is continuing to boom in the United States and across the globe. The latest culprit in the sprawling law enforcement surveillance apparatus is Fog Data Science, a company collecting your geolocation data and selling it to local and state law enforcement.

This allows law enforcement agencies to track cell phone location data without securing a proper warrant. This practice is not new, but is slowly becoming the norm as companies collect, share, and sell more of your data.

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Does anyone know what happened to #mastodon's image gallery extension? The one where you could add "/gallery" to the url and you'd see a grid of all the images in the feed? Is there an equivalent today?

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#Codeberg is a 🇩🇪 non-profit #code hosting service that is based on @gitea and home to countless #FreeSoftware projects.

Sign up for free to #GiveUpGithub or visit to become an active or supporting member! 😉

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** NOTICE **

The behavior of #Zrythm trial version binaries will be relaxed soon:
- no limits on save/load/export
- the only limitation will be a maximum number of 25 tracks

Zrythm is #FreeSoftware :
- paid binaries help support development
- users can always build Zrythm from source at no cost

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Sheesh. Now get a message "We'd value your view on our customer service staff". Couldn't let that pass. I wrote back:
"No comment on staff, because the problem the company has is with its systems. It's nice and easy to measure people's performance, but when they're firefighting corporate issues, that's the wrong metric. So come back when the company systems are fixed"

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Help us improve /e/OS’s BlissLauncher: we are looking for our new launcher engineer! 🧑‍💻

Mission: adding landscape mode for tablets, adding features...

Join the team! apply at:

Please share!

#techjobs #Android #sdk #java #kotlin #uxdesign
@e_mydata @murena

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Hey you! 👋

Yes, you in the back. Heard you might be looking for a job in the open source security industry?

If so, check out all the open roles at

* Software Architect
* VP of Engineering
* Sales Development Representative

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Good afternoon! We've had an exception made to our hiring freeze for the Electronic Resources Librarian position, so if that's your jam--please join us!

I'm on the search committee & can therefore answer limited questions!

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