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#mastodonTip: not many people use #hashtags so if you do, your toots will have much higher visibility and you'll make more friends!

The coup didn't take: Socialists’ victory in Bolivia shows more unity than foreign meddlers would like — RT Op-ed rt.com/op-ed/503932-bolivia-el

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This looks interesting:

"Simple, Secure, and Fast. Peer to peer video calling"



@happybeing I found this after searching "decentralized github" ;)

@democracynow This is such and important and accurate point that Jeremy Scahill makes.

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**Jeremy Scahill: "Trump Is Not the Root of the Problem, He Is a Product of American Imperial History"**

"Donald Trump ran for president in 2016 with a mixed message of attacking the legacy of the Iraq War and U.S. military adventurism, while simultaneously pledging to commit war crimes and promote imperialism. As we look back at Trump's record, Jeremy Scahill, co-foun…"


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And one laptop saved, one ! My stepmother wanted to buy a new one because the old isn't supported anymore (trashy Windows Vista). I made a backup of data, put @Solus on it and she told me : « Oh this is gorgeous ! It's Windows 10 ? » ... more or less :troll:

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@fatboy I'm half way there, AMD cpu but Nvidia gfx, still less compatibility issues when dealing with GPU acceleration in my experience.

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Calling all github lovers and haters!

I'd appreciate your suggestions for what's great and what's not, and anything you'd like it to do which it doesn't. Please reply here, on the repo, or forum topic. RTs helpful! See:

Repo: github.com/theWebalyst/safenet
Forum: safenetforum.org/t/safe-git-ui
#SafeNetworkGit #UI #decentralised #github

@happybeing would this be somewhat similar to ssb (secure scuttlebutt)?

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@danslerush @person ha ha, that wasn't my point but wow, it never ceases to amaze me how unfair they play.

You need to meet people before you can make a choice, that's my point...anyway agree to disagree I guess.

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