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One of my favorite YouTube videos was this finance influencer who did a video on how to make money on YouTube without making any videos. He basically formed a profitable YouTube channel by paying someone on Fiver to write video scripts, some else to voice over them, someone to animate the voice over, then someone to do the channel artwork. It was I think meant as a motivation video, but it made for a really great clear example of how capitalism and surplus value works. The system is super simple, you just pay people to do your work for you for less than you get paid. But for that to work there must be more workers than capitalists, so the workers need to be convinced of something different (usually that hard work and intelligence is what will lead them to riches).

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Some digital figure drawings and paintings from the February 1 session of Arts Alliance of Stratford's Zoom Figure Drawing.

All work was created in Procreate.

Our model was Cleo.

#figuredrawing #lifedrawing #mastoart #art #drawing #procreate #digitalpainting #digitalart

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@Ailantd amazing how that digital overlay brings it to life, wow!

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Abandon all centralised, walled gardens: Twitter, Whatsapp, Signal, Threema, ICQ.

Embrace open, federated networks: Email, #Fediverse / #ActivityPub / #Mastodon, #Jabber / #XMPP, Matrix.

IRC is a little bit of an edge case: It is free and open, but not federated in the way other networks are.

Here, have some good news!:)

From a hydrogen jet engine to energy breakthroughs, here's some good news for the week.


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I just tried #piped again, the #YouTube frontend, specifically the official instance of https://piped.kavin.rocks

It allows you to view, subscribe, and create playlists of all your favourite YT channels without the nasty tracking, but....

To make things even better, when it's paired with the amazing
#LibreTube app for android, which is available on #fdroid , you can access everything on your #piped account by just by inputting the home instance:)


#FOSS developers, you rock!!

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I enjoy browsing the Federated timeline regularly to discover surprising new accounts to follow. It kind of reminds me of the 1950s when I built a shortwave radio and would eavesdrop on the world.

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A Dallas middle school wanted to do a "Breakfast with Dads," but many boys had absentee fathers; so the school put out a call on social media, hoping for 50 male mentors. 600 men showed up. An icebreaker was teaching the boys, ages 11-13, how to tie a n...

Original tweet : nitter.privacydev.net/tilbots/

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In Iran, "expressing opinions on social networks" may be a criminal offence.

I often talk to social media centralists who want governments to regulate speech.

Which is nice if your views are in complete alignment with your government.

It's not so nice if you have a view that's not government-approved.

This is why the Fediverse is so important.


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I rigged this #b3d robot model from Blend swap and made him run.

Mainly because I thought it was cute. But also to test my #rigify feature set on a different character.

Found some bugs - fixed them.
Found some things I want to add - wrote them on a list...that I may never get to.


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