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Definitely on my to read list. A book of sci fi short stories critiquing technology... Being discussed on another great episode on Tech won't save us

Tech Won't Save Us: Science Fiction As Tech Criticism w/ Brian Merchant and Claire Evans

Episode webpage:

Media file:

Okay, since he's not on the fediverse, but really should be:)

I'm going to start reposting tuts on here:

If you use then you MUST watch !

Tonnes of free content and an amazingly affordable and comprehensive Inkscape course at 17USD

I think I might reach out and try to encourage him to mirror on or another instance

My favourite services at the moment are:

@murena Offering -googled mobile phones paired with a privacy respecting cloud platform comparable to services offered by Google using rebranded alternatives. Also includes an email account. , which offers real world phone numbers bridged to xmpp

and @snikket_im making xmpp hosting accessible and easy to use with a fantastic web-based admin panel

I'm a bit late to the party, but thanks to @thenewoil 's peertube instance,
I discovered the podcast with interviews from notable peeps, discussing and more

@session @diggity

Being a podcast it's of course available as usual, but they also have a instance here my personal favourite way to watch:)

If you love it, please boost it!! Remember no algorithms!

Everyday is when you follow @headofcatdept on Amazing photos, a must see:)

Oh the joy of allowing us to follow accounts on another "service"

Let try that;)

An excellent discussion about the current situation in Canada, with truckers protesting on behalf of all Canadians against covid mandates. A perspective that goes against the government's narrative.

Oh, Canada

This episode was recorded today, February 5th, 2022.Dr. Julie Ponesse has a PhD in Philosophy (Western, 2008) with areas of specialization in ethics and anci...

We’re using our streets all wrong | Hard Reset by Freethink

We’re using our streets all wrong | Ewa Westermark | Gehl ArchitectsSubscribe to Freethink on YouTube ►► next ►► Do b...

This is why they were so afraid;)

Starbucks Workers in Chicago, Ohio and Oregon Join Unionization Efforts

The three stores bring the total to about 16 Starbucks locations that have filed to unionize.

Businesses Have Manufactured Inflation Fear to Protect Profits Amid Rising Wages

Workers don’t set prices, bosses do. And they do so on the basis of maintaining the greatest possible profit margins.

Let this be a lesson to ALL WORKERS...SOLIDARITY!!! Forget what side of the political "spectrum" you think you're on, we're all cattle to them! John Deere workers united and they won. Now we need Amazon workers to unite....Black Friday is coming;)

John Deere Strike Ends as Workers Win Higher Wages, Bonus and Better Pension

The six-year contract includes an immediate pay raise of 10 percent and an $8,500 signing bonus.

Squid Game and the struggle to survive under capitalism

Squid Game depicts the constant struggle for most people to survive under capitalism. What the players experience can be likened to the labor market or a job. Here is my interpretation of season one., 0:00 intro, 0:54 Squid Game is capitalism 3:48...

Via Lemmy

XMPP: Admin-in-the-middle · InfoSec Handbook – your friendly and open-minded InfoSec community

XMPP isn't privacy-friendly if you don't control the server.

NYC’s nonprofit DIY internet is taking on Verizon & more | Just Might Work by Freethink

NYC’s nonprofit DIY internet is taking on Verizon & more | Brian Hall | NYC MeshSubscribe to Freethink on YouTube ►► n...

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