Joe Rogan Experience #1558 - Tristan Harris

Called the “closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience,” by The Atlantic magazine, Tristan Harris spent three years as a Google Design Ethicist develop...

Well I guess the enemy of my enemy is my friend....

Signal User Surges Ahead After Elon Musk's Tweet, Whatsapp Policy Change

A tweet from Elon Musk and a WhatsApp policy update seemingly have Signal users skyrocketing. Read more to find out.


Owncast the self-hosted streaming software has just been released, and it already has a Directory of Owncast servers that are online, and even which ones are currently streaming!

Boost this so more people discover it, or better yet try it for yourself.


For some reason I get "Firefox can't open this page" when trying to play from the masto timeline.

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A bit outdated but useful none the less.

Downloadable keyboard shortcut cheat sheet for Krita (2.7) However likely not a lot has changed.

Check this out!
Halcyon the Mastodon Web Interface application has done something I've never seen as far as accessibility. Not only is it available as an app for Yunohost, but it even will automate the process!!

Bravo!!!! (golf clap)

The Fediverse is awesome!

Subscribing to some great artists on is easy :)

Browse artists on Funkwhale, now enter the username in the search bar of , follow, and voila, all updates will show up in your timeline!

Let the centralized services do that, ha ha;)

BOOST if you find it helpful!

For anyone looking for an compatible social home but would prefer a more FB like interface you may want to kick the tires on the social network.

Right now there are not nearly as many instances as you'd find for Mastodon but the great advantage is you can still follow all of your contacts from Zot.

Currently, I'm trying out where they are still offering free registration:)

Give it a try, you might like it:)

Be kind, don't make fedizens use Youtube, it's as easy as using a redirect service for Invidious services.


If you're wondering lives on, with a list of publicly run instances.

Please use INVIDIOUS or similar links instead of Youtube, we can all do our part;)

Select instance - Invidious

Don't forget if you want to follow topics on Mastodon you can search by , and people use them in your posts if you want them to be seen!

It's been said ad nauseum here, there are no algorithm's if you want others to see your content it needs to be searchable.

If you want to find content based on topic, group etc,

1 - search in the search bar
2 - click the hashtag which opens another column
3 - pin it


Now all they need to do is enable user creation (without upload) to allow creation of playlists and keep subscriptions:)

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One big advantage about this new search website is that videos can be viewed directly on the site without the need to go to the original instance.

This is great, since you watch and view on one site instead of being presented with everything form the original instance. This goes a long way to filtering out the noise, and inappropriate content. While at the same time giving non-technical users a one stop frontend to all peertube content, like youtube does.

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This New Super-White Paint Can Cool Down Buildings and Cars

A novel super-white paint may be the creative solution needed to fight global warming. Read the article to learn how that might be.

This is awesome, never heard of it before.

A site that specializes in user uploaded shortcut maps for popular programs, but in a very clear and concise way:)

Here's the page for Krita:


Cash for homeless could be the key to getting people off living on the streets | The Early Edition with Stephen Quinn | Live Radio | CBC Listen

Foundations for Social Change CEO Claire Williams speaks with Stephen Quinn about the project that placed $7,500 in the hands of homeless people to help restart their lives.

Wow! This tool is truly a blacklight on how dirty some sites can be:(

Give it a try on some of your favourite sites, they might not be your favourites anymore.

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