Here, have some good news!:)

From a hydrogen jet engine to energy breakthroughs, here's some good news for the week.

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How To Increase The Icon Size In Inkscape | UI Settings

This is not my content, but I'm just a big fan of his videos

Visit his site for hands down, the best videos on Inkscape, plus super cheap video series -

I'd have to say, I'm loving the fact that is connected to other platforms such as via

It allows me to discover amazing and in the global timeline even if they don't have accounts there:)

It's such a superior experience for following visual posts!

We already know how they feel about workers, but the investor class is going full mask off.

Time to get out the pitchforks!

This is not mine, but I find it to be a practical guide for discourse on the or in everyday life, for that matter:).

Share/boost it, if you find it useful.

This is incredible!

@EndlessOS the focused OS is selling an affordable laptop preloaded with that is available as a lease-to-own option to make laptops available to families that cannot afford the outright purchase, bravo!!

An excellent short video for auto colour filling of line art with on

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I know it hasn't been very long since the conference, but I want to remind everyone that all the conference videos are available ad free and tracker free on the specifically the official channel

"The ultimate guide for previz, shorts & Hollywood feature films"

Don't forget you can follow, and comment from right here:)


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Did you find some great accounts here on that are more visual in nature, such as or , and you'd like a more like experience? No problem, the can do that. Just use

1 - Find an instance at then register an account

2 - login, copy and paste the fedi address from mastodon into the search bar of

3 - Follow

That's it!

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I was just taking a look at the public timeline of the instance and for kicks tried the favourite/like button and this popped up

Wow! This takes to a whole new level of usability for discovery!

Is this a new feature in version 4x ?


Why on earth would anyone do something without monetary rewards?!!

Welcome to the people, we do things a bit differently around here.

Now for some -education


If you follow certain types of accounts that are more visual in nature, like or accounts you can easily open a account which has a more like interface.

Just enter their address in the search bar and follow

You can still like, comment, boost etc:)

*remember no algorithms here, if you think more people should see a post, boost it!

Another for new and old users alike.

Due to the lack of groups on the there is a cool hack provided by which will allow you to create & follow a group as if it were a user.

When posting about a subject, just include <at>yourgroupname<at>

If a group doesn't exist, one will be created automatically by searching for it in the search bar and follow it:)

*full instructions for use are on the website

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Now that the new people are a little more comfortable with the new place, let's have some fun:)

Try following another service that also speaks from

If you click on the link, it will take you to the original site and allow you to subscribe from a remote account, in this case mastodon ... fill this in and voilà. From now on you'll get their updates in your timeline:)

Looks like a video got missed on the playlist

"Spaceships, Concept Design pipeline for Sci-fi."

Looks interesting, especially if you love spaceships!!

Blender is slowly making it's way into Hollywood

"The Ultimate Guide for Previz"

Such an amazing talk from conference for any Editors or budding filmmakers out there!

Make sure to watch it on the official Blender channel;)

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