This is awesome, never heard of it before.

A site that specializes in user uploaded shortcut maps for popular programs, but in a very clear and concise way:)

Here's the page for Krita:


Cash for homeless could be the key to getting people off living on the streets | The Early Edition with Stephen Quinn | Live Radio | CBC Listen

Foundations for Social Change CEO Claire Williams speaks with Stephen Quinn about the project that placed $7,500 in the hands of homeless people to help restart their lives.

Wow! This tool is truly a blacklight on how dirty some sites can be:(

Give it a try on some of your favourite sites, they might not be your favourites anymore.

@submedia a great episode discussing best technological practices, and realities, during protests for a general audience.

Your Connection Is Not Secure

Back on the show is our Senior Computer Security Correspondent to discuss best practices for protesting safely and securely. We chat about the recent uprisings in North America about police violence a

Out of Left Field: Your Connection Is Not Secure


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