@cubicgarden thx:). BTW there is a way to timestamp tracks to be able to jump to them in , but I always forget how.

If you find it please do share as that would be ideal!
Just added subs for music right now


@cubicgarden It's super easy, but I had never done it, and it's surprisingly hard to find the information about it. It's not even included in the user documentation.

All you have to do is include the correct format in the video description, and it works:)

Once the video/tracks are uploaded, just add them like this:

or if you've already uploaded, use the update function to add them.

Once added, they appear as you'd expect.

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@lps Keeping the subtitles anyway but yes that is so much better.
Wondering what other tips and tricks I'm missing with peertube?

Guess if I was running my own instance, I could add webmontisation to the links too.

@cubicgarden not sure how technical/adventurous you are, but I love yunohost and recommended it to everyone. It's basically a Debian server install that can be put on an old PC, vps, etc but it walks u thru the setup and preinstalls all the components.

Once installed you access a web panel and there's a whole library of basically one click apps. It's amazing. They even give u a free subdomain:). yunohost.org

@cubicgarden this mastodon account is running from it, as well as peertube and a few other self-hosted services.

@lps Good to know... Already said to the admin of rankett.net, I'm likely to run it myself and replace the current mixes site


Ha! I am using Yunohost to host the current mixes site - cubicgarden.info/mixes
All running on a RaspPI off my gigabit connection.

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