Obligatory reminder, to everyone working on projects

You're making alternatives because the status quo is BAD!!!! Don't use corporate platforms to promote your "Free" projects.

You are inadvertently forcing others to also use those platforms, which we all want to escape from!

If you insist that you go where the people are, at the very least maintain a presence on the open alternatives, so we can migrate away from them.

Please and thank you!

Please Boost!!!

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@lps Would like to add that "maintaining a presence" with some bot carelessly scraping content from the other site is absolutely not a solution. That is an *unmaintained* presence. If I have to go to the other site anyway to figure out what that post means then it's making things worse not better!

(I mean I do say this as someone who runs several such bots ... but they import content that I do not control myself and are really just for personal use lol)

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