Hm, in one month I need to pay 143.76 USD for 2 years of Flickr Pro. That is a very high price for it. I've been on pro for quite many years but at this price point I'm reconsidering my options. I'm not using the community features anyway.

What I need are only a few functions:

- Photo albums
- Sharing photo albums with a link (without an account for the viewer)
- Storing original photos
- Reasonable search and UI/X
- If possible self hosted


@jeena I don't have experience with it, but it's been on my radar for a long time. Not sure about sharing links without accounts, though. There are also a few mobile apps for it on fdroid as well.

@lps hm, I'm spending now hours to get it working, I'm not yet sure if it is my problem or if the quality of it is not that good. It doesn't work with PHP 8.1 which is the default on Ubuntu 22.04, it throws many deprecated warnings, etc. but the PR has been closed as implemented in July no new version released though.

Also there is an extension to import flickr albums but it hasn't been touched since 2019 and doesn't show up in the list of plugins

@jeena maybe it might be a good idea to signup for their free trial to see it's usability before you put in too much work to get it going...just a thought

@lps That's a good idea, I did that now and sadly the flickr import plugin is not available there either. So my guess is that I'd need to import all of the pictures and albums manually.

Perhaps it's time to finally implement a album feature for my own website like I always wanted and write a import script from flickr myself.

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