@aral do you have any recommendations for small home servers? I've got a nuc and a pibox, but I'm looking for something to run a community nextcloud instance (and eventually some kitten sites)?

@ben Not off the top of my head but there are so many choices these days. (I’ve mostly been playing with Pi-level devices for individual small web sites.)

But let me boost your post and see if anyone else has any suggestions :)

@aral @ben I keep recommending these 1 litre PCs. Servethehome has a whole YT playlist on these called "Project tiny-mini-micro":


I use the Lenovo M75q Gen 2 myself and I'm very happy with them. You won't get HA storage in there, given that they only have 1 NVMe and one SATA SSD slot, but there are other machines in this price/size range that should fit your needs.



@sheogorath @aral @ben great series, I'm seriously considering one of these as well

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