You don't need to join or any other big servers on here.

Big servers do not mean big audiences on the Fediverse. Because federated servers talk to each other seamlessly, the number of people you can interact with is similar whether you're on a large or small server. Some people even run their own single user servers where they are literally the only member, yet they are able to interact with just as many people as a user on a megaserver like

Mastodon and the wider Fediverse were designed so that their users could be spread out across many different servers, specifically so that the network couldn't be taken over by malevolent billionaires. By choosing a smaller server, you help keep the network safe from any takeovers. Smaller servers also tend to be better moderated and have better tech support because they have a lot more staff per user.

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@feditips a handy tip for new users is to start off on a bigger instance to have access to a more active local timeline and build a list of follows and followers. Once that's taken care of, migrate to a smaller instance and bring your follows with you:)


That sounds like a good plan, you keep your connections but also have the advantages of a small server 👍


@feditips it worked well for me when I moved to my own instance of one;). However the admin is a bit of a jerk..ha ha:)

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