Hey, our audio editor is on hiatus, as most of us moved on to other projects. Our GitHub organization now mostly hosts previously unmaintained audio libraries that were brought up to speed with the 21st century.

A very cool person has been silently working on another fork, Saucedacity alone, ever since a bit after the time we popped around. We're discussing on how to carry over our work to their project.


@tenacity This may sound superficial, but your UI refinement looks much more polished as well as your site, which Saucedacity doesn't have of course.

Can these default themes be contributed?

It would be great to see you join forces if only to give that project come visibility, and as others suggested maybe adopt the name:)


@tenacity I didn't read this until now from the Saucedacity github, for others who read this:


"I've made a major proposal, and we are going to start merging parts of Tenacity into Saucedacity. From then on (well, not exactly; I'll detail more below), we'll be continuing under the name "Tenacity". We'll practically look like Tenacity (as we'll technically be part of Tenacity then) but we'll still have the code base and the spirit of Saucedacity under the hood."

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