My newest video will have subtitles generated by the #vosk voice recognition plugin built into #kdenlive. It did a really good job with only a little clean up needed.

@art I've just begun updating my workflow to do this. I'm sick of waiting for YouTube to generate subtitles just to have me end up needing to add all of the formatting manually. If it's going to be manual, I might as well do it myself!

I'd love to know if there's a way to fix grammar automatically- even title casing the sentences automatically would be a huge help.

Would the LanguageTool plugin on Firefox do that since you're editing in a web browser?

@lps @art I'm not editing in a web browser- I'm using Kdenlive, which is an application installed on the editing machine directly.

When I allow YouTube to do the transcription, it segments it into pieces that aren't grammatically correct most of the time. I've tried online grammar checkers and they do not really streamline this without exporting all of the text and reimporting it (process can take hours on YouTube's side).


@vkc I didnt realize until after I posted it was a response to @art . Ouch, a few hours!? :(

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