Looks like a documentary I was a part of six/seven years ago—Information: what are they looking at?—was shown at this year’s CCC. It’s good to see, knowing how much work Theresia put into making it happen with next to no funding.

Warning: YouTube link.


@aral I really wish mastodon had a preference to automatically replace yt links with the invidious instance of choice .. maybe next xmas;)

@lps @aral

Though I like Invidious/yewtu.be I (too) often get the error message:

> The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.

Then, if I really want to watch it, I need to choose YouTube, or, well, pick another Invidious instance.

@naii @aral I found yewtu.be to be quite reliable lately ... would be great if the first didn't succeed it could try another instance

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