Trying - a neat scuttlebutt client! This is the proper way to go when it comes to connecting people. No servers, peer to peer. Still kinda experimental but that's one social network I am comfortable using 100%. It is me in control all the time. It is the next evolution form the Fediverse. Maybe they could even make the two communicate idk :D. Also, so awesome that in TROMjaro all I have to do to install is search for it in Add/Remove software. And that's how I also get easy. And people think Linux is difficult or you have to use the terminal. mnot...

@alexio made an open "pub" so you can get in touch with us. Basically for us to connect to this network you have to either have someone's contact or join a "pub". Here it is


This is great news, the lack of pubs during signup is a real deal breaker for most people I'd imagine

@tio @alexio
It's also very cool that @manyver_se is now available on the desktop as well:)

@alexio @lps Yah they should let people connect directly...
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