This is the kind of “community” @OdyseeTeam attracts... I’m deleting our account.

I'm afraid that any platform that is monetized attracts the same types....move to peertube, @tilvids is a great and supportive "edutainment" instance that would be happy to host you:).

Think of as more of the WordPress of video hosting, no need to be on a centralized platform, which odysee says it isn't but for all intents and purposes, it is

@lps @Linux4Everyone he wants to make money! I don't think peertube can provide it. Additionally, he needs to host his own peertube service


Why not keep the 2 things separate, even if he wants to use patreon over liberapay ... I agree self hosting is the best option. My original point is don't go to a crypto currency platform and expect it won't be full of libertarian techno utopians

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