The potential demise of the services reminds me again that the success of federated networks depends on reliable instances, and avoiding re-centralization requires more instances, not bigger ones. This means server-side software needs to be as easy as possible to set up and maintain, and we need easy access to ways for people to learn how to host servers.

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It seems to me that what would make a huge difference would be if someone like @PINE64 would sell a reasonably priced router with enough power and storage to be a basic family server with @yunohost pre-installed. Just plug it in, set your ISP modem to pass through and you have a working server. It could automatically open the right ports, use the new auto dns setup. Referral fees from in device domain purchases through a privacy friendly registrar could help fund.

Easy is a must here.

1000% this would make self hosting available to the masses! IMO this should be priority number 1 for any efforts at decentralization, without it, it's all just talk, since centralized services are just easy...that's why they win:(
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@Blort @strypey @PINE64 @yunohost there is this but it's waaaaay too expensive for what it is:( Plus it's only nextcloud, which is a good start but a yunohost install would do so much more!

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