If you want to but don't have the skills, you should really try IMHO it's the best way to free yourself from

Basically it's a headless server, once installed, includes a preconfigured xmpp chat server plus an email server. In addition, it allows for one click installs of many excellent applications like and many more. Give it a spin with this handy demo instance

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How does the mail server rank in reputation with other server? Is it internal use only? Is it blocked by major providers?

I'm asking since I see you are using the subdomains provided by Yunohost. I've had trouble with dynamic DNS and email before.

@jcast I haven't had issues with major providers blocking it, however it will of course be useless to you if your provider blocks port 25:(

@jcast that being said, I don't use the email server as a primary address due to concerns with spam etc but I have used it for example with , works great!

Cool so maybe I'll save myself some bucks not buying a domain name :)

@jcast it's worth a try ... I still have the intention of eventually migrating to a purchased domain, but honestly so fare I haven't felt the need.

@lps @jcast the email from ynh works as a credential for Delta chat? :ablobcathappypaws:

@lps @satur

Very often dyndns based emails are rejected as SPAM. Otherwise yes you could use.

@lps @satur

Setting reverse DNS would help prevent this. My router doesn't have that option, considering contact my ISP.

@lps so you're in your own mastodon instance in a sub.sub.domain.tld? 🤔 👌

I once tried to install a service/app in a sub.sub.yunohost.tld but failed because of dns (or something I now don't remember)

thanks for sharing your experience 🙏


Damn, I should have read this 3 days ago. Now I'm in the middle of the installation by hand in the terminal. Only #postfix & Co. left, then it should hopefully work. If not, I will try it after a reset with #yunohost. Thanks for the tip 👍

@lps some time ago I did try it and I had this issues at the time:

the available server applications to host were mostly based on older versions
the Debian distro behind was also so old that it made really difficult to develop towards it and integrate with my own (ex. dotnet) or others server application

Did this change meanwhile as far as you know?

@lps I'm a sysadmin and I still use YUNoHost for me and my friends (even previous job), because it saves so much time and effort managing many little instances with a single login.


Thanks for sharing. Reminds me to something like #freedombox but with lot more applications. Has anyone perhaps used both?

As a freedombox user, I often find myself having to dig deep into the documentation to get an application to do exactly what I want. Yes, it eliminates the barrier to try something new quickly. But in the end I often have the feeling that I could have set up everything myself. (And if I didn't know how Debian works, I wouldn't know how to use it anyway).

Nevertheless: I love this approach. While it's certainly not for everyone (as promoted), it should be interesting to enough people who offer it as a service to their friends.

@lps Thanks so much for this advice! I am in the midst of scoping a personal project for myself, setting up a #selfhosted server in 2022 for a #homelab. Your suggestion came at a perfect time for me, and I am now looking into using #yunohost instead of a full #docker and #portainer deployment scheme. At the very least, I intend to deploy #nextcloud and #bitwarden as selfhosted apps next year, and this should certainly help ease the learning curve for me.

I'm so glad it's helpful, now don't forget to spread the word:). Also, there's a great and helpful community at as well as documentation on the main site there is also a very active irc channel which is bridged to matrix and xmpp :) Quick tip, if you do plan hosting from your home, don't forget it needs to be directly connected to your main router via Ethernet during setup, this let's it automatically configure some NAT settings

@lps I am steadily progressing with my test install of #yunohost for #selfhosting my #homelab in 2022. I have been getting some great support on the YNH forums and irc channel. For the first 6 months, I will do more testing, then I plan to deploy my production machine from about July 2022. Lots of learning still to do, but this looking great so far! 😎

> "now don't forget to spread the word"

I was talking to my wife's cousin today, he lives about 5hrs away from us. We have an invite to his place in the New Year to show him our #yunohost setup, as he is currently trying to ween himself off Google apps. So YNH will get me an NYH (New Year holiday), haha.

That's awesome, we're heading in the right direction;)

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