I love this video showcasing some unconventional uses for ... if you're not familiar with his channel, you should really check it out. My fav for inkscape tutorials!

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@lps Almost everything I know about Inkscape I learned from Nick. Great channel!

@ericbuijs I was blown away the first time I found his channel. Easy to follow, and he's an amazing designer as well!

@lps I had the same experience. I never found the time and the courage to master a vector graphics program until I found this channel. To master is perhaps a bit of an overstatement but I'm confident enough to design graphics with it now.

@ericbuijs not to overly promote, but he has some really affordable courses on his site, I've been meaning to buy one to support his work, he even has Gimp and Affinity Designer courses:)

@lps @ericbuijs

Yep, I was just blown away too 🤯

Using #Inkscape for a while, but as a noob and seeing all the stuff that's in there.. wow!

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