And now I think I'm done and I can say that these features are enough for the first beta release. Everyone is welcome to host their own #Smithereen 0.1 instance, try it out, and report any issues.

Get it here:

#activitypub #mastodev

Is there any possibility this could be packaged as a yunohost app? That would make it accessible to a lot more people.

@lps this is the first time I'm seeing this 🤔


@yunohost is amazing because it greatly simplifies the process of self hosting for less technical users... without it I was never able to do it. There goal is to empower as many people as possible to host their own stuff by removing the barrier to entry:) Take a look at the amazing list of apps already available...simple one click installs amazing! Yunohost can run on a VPS, an old pc, or even a raspberrypi.

@lps @yunohost yeah I've read their website. I was thinking about making use of those one-click deploy things long ago, because there certainly are hosting providers that have VDS's with support for these. DigitalOcean in particular certainly does have something like that.

I'll consider supporting this in the future.

@grishka @yunohost
If your goal as a developer is to get your creation out into the world, this will make it more widely adopted by a larger group that otherwise wouldn't have the skills to do it:)

@lps @yunohost indeed. Though there is the concern of reliability then — if something breaks for a non-technical user, they'll have no idea how to fix it. I don't think reliability is there yet for Smithereen. It needs more testing before I can be certain it's reliable enough to let non-technical users install it with peace of mind.

That's understandable, i'm glad that you'll consider it in the future... i'd love to try it:)

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