Okay who will be the first FOSS conference to stream via the newly updated ?!

We wanted alternatives, we supported it, now we need to use it.

Make your mark on history, I dare you;)

@ajeremias yes! Though admittedly it may be a bit hard to find a public instance that is running or offering it for the moment. In matrix forums of peertube I've heard users self
hosting and streaming audio first.

The point is, we need to put it through it's paces, this is a major piece missing from the free software ecosystem.

Is it ready for live-streaming yet? I think it's on the roadmap of v3.0 but its not out yet. The roadmap said November, but some delay is expected.

@yookoala I'm not sure if there are any bleeding edge instances that are running it but it will come soon:). There was some discussion on matrix about it, I hope the community rallies around it.

Me too. Would be really cool to see a formal conference live streaming on it.

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