@anmol @support This is great news. Does anyone know if Friendica is still getting updates on Yunohost?

I've been test-driving the 2 different applications and I actually feel that Friendica has improved a lot and is actually more user friendly.

Incidentally I created Friendica back in 2010-2011 and abandoned the project in 2012 because it needed to be re-written t be viable. I did so. Three times.

Use whatever you want.

I am semi-familiar with the history, and that's incredible:)

After I posted, I thought it may be taken as an insult by you to compare them. This was not my intention:(

Thank you for these gifts to the world!

#Friendica has a #PR with latest release but the ldap is broken with latest update. Till its not fixed, it can't be merged.
See this and this.

If you want to try #Friendica without #Ldap support you can try this branch.
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