@chriswere XMPP does run very well on a raspberry pi at home! Even works on the old raspberry pi 1 :D

@pinkprius @chriswere that was my thought as well. Seems like Matrix's Synapse servers are quite demanding.

Chris mentioned in the video what would be acceptable requirements for self-hosting. A Pi 3 or 4 would be my answer, IMO. It's such an accessible piece of hardware, small and easy to set up. But Idunno, maybe there is hardware that is better for serverhosting for a similar price?

@Bloodaxe @chriswere I would advise to use a #RaspberryPi for someone who wants to try hosting stuff at home, they are affordable, have tons of info and debugging help out there and they are quite powerful these days.

@pinkprius @chriswere another thing when it comes to self-hosting; the software setup itself needs to be easy-medium difficulty. People don't have a lot of time in their everyday lives, so having something that is basically one-click install and just works is very important. If it's expected that privacy or sensorship-aware "regular" folks are to use these services actively at some point, they need to be easily and readily accessable 😄


@pinkprius @Bloodaxe @chriswere @yunohost I have to agree Yunohost is amazing, the XMPP server comes pre-configured. Nothing in my experience is more accessible than this, in regards to self-hosting.

Not only XMPP, but Mastodon, Nextcloud, etc, etc with click to install simplicity.

@lps @pinkprius @Bloodaxe @chriswere @yunohost THX I was looking for sth like this. Running an Xmpp server gives me the chance to give my friends jabber accounts and use pixart/conversations

@Bobo_PK @lps @pinkprius @Bloodaxe @chriswere @yunohost I do run and love yunohost, too. But I would recommend to run it on a passively cooled mini pc like a nuc.

Or even an old
pc you have laying around. Its cheap, since you don't need to buy anything and gives it a new life:) @Bobo_PK @pinkprius @Bloodaxe @chriswere @yunohost

@lps @ices @pinkprius @Bloodaxe @chriswere @yunohost In Germany the kWh is around 28-30 cents, so running something 24 hours can be costy. Old hardware most of the times drains more power.

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