Looking to migrate away from Google but still looking for free/affordable replacements without the hassle of hosting them yourself?

There are many choices, take your pick:)

Feel free to add to this list if I've missed any good ones:)



Oh, I was just reminded here's one more:


kindly provides services here

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@lps All of these services depend on donations to support their operations. Please donate if and when you can.

@aproposnix of course, but first of all it's good to know your can try with no obligation to see if they're viable alternatives.

@lps Yeah, I wanted to say that more for the other peeps :)

@lps Would be great if others help us add a ton more 😀 - the submit new item is super easy.

@lps really interesting, thank you for sharing!!

@Bmz I was aware of the invidious instance but not all the other services thanks!

I"ll reply to my OP to keep it easier to find:)

@lps there are various others on The website is rather broken right now and an iframe will timeout but I'm working on a functional rewrite at
@lps the network is pretty damn dead but the site is still useful as a list of providers

@lps in Belgium you have
#nubo is a co-op providing mail, cloud, calendar & address book. In Dutch and French for the moment.


Wow, what a fantastic site, beautifully designed, thanks!

@ShinIce @Tutanota @lps That's a sort of freemium. They limit features and put them behind paywalls.

@lps #Framasoft also founded the @ChatonsOrg collective. You can search for organizations by service (e.g., #CryptPad, #Git repositories, #PrivateBin):

One of its members:

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