Be kind, don't make fedizens use Youtube, it's as easy as using a redirect service for Invidious services.


If you're wondering lives on, with a list of publicly run instances.

Please use INVIDIOUS or similar links instead of Youtube, we can all do our part;)

Select instance - Invidious

@lps The project continues on one leg tho. It started with videos just not getting listed and by now the Channel pages are gone. I personally switched to using Yotter for now but its a little limited compared to invidious.

@gamey I'm not familiar with it but after a quick search it's self-hosted?

@lps Its foss and self-hosted but still in a rather early stage and not only for Youtube.

@gamey thanks so much , I just registered on one of the public sites, looks cool!

Always good to have options:)

@lps I don't use Twitter so I cant rly comment on that part and we already have Nitter which is fantastic but when it comes to yt its currently my fontend of choice. It seems more relyable and a lot faster then Invidious and far more important to me. It's actually light weight on the server and client side unlike invidious which is a nightmare to self-host.

@lps I really want to support this but everytime I've tried invidious it's failed to load the video. Which of these instances are the best?

@ClearMask Yeah, this is unfortunate, especially with the youtube-dl issues of late. I found to be pretty reliable, but the main site will show different instances if this doesn't work.

@lps Last time I checked (a few weeks ago), not a single of these instances worked.

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